Corridor Classics

What are the Corridor Classics?

Other gymnastics clubs in the Cedar Rapids area get together to hold informal meets 3-4 times during the first half of the year.  They were designed to introduce younger gymnasts to a competitive meet without the stress of an actual competition. It gives our gymnasts a chance to perform the skills they work so hard on in front of an audience. This is a low pressure meet setting. You and your gymnast will get to experience what a gymnastics meet is like and learn a little about what to expect.

The Corridor Classics gives parents and grandparents a chance to see their kids in action. It is a great opportunity for them to take pictures and encourage them.  It will help young gymnasts become more comfortable performing in front of an audience.  The more chances they have, the more relaxed they’ll be. 

We are excited to provide this opportunity for your child to demonstrate their skills.   We hope this will help ease some of the uncertainty and pressure of a competition for you and your child.  We want all our gymnasts and parents to develop a lifelong love of gymnastics and above all, have fun!

Some details:
•Open to all girls' level 1-2 gymnasts (even if you are not competing at the Slet in April).
•Girls will perform level 1-2 routines.
•Gymnasts will do routines that suit their ability (may do floor at level 1 and vault at level 2, etc.).
•Safety first, spotting is allowed without deduction and floor routines with words in music are allowed.
•All participants will receive a ribbon for each apparatus.
•All gymnasts will receive a medal for participating in each meet.

The entry fee for each meet is $25

There will be 4 meets this year, one at each of the host gyms, below is the schedule.

2019 Corridor Classics Schedule:

  • February 23rd - Somersaults    
  • March 30th - Sokol Cedar Rapids   
  • April 13th - Twisters   
  • May 18th - CRAG