Classes Available

An Introduction to Parkour

This class is designed specifically to introduce students to the elements of the Parkour discipline.  It allows new students the chance to try some of the fun aspects of free running and parkour. This class should be taken by anyone that has an interest but lacks experience. Once completed, the instuctor will recommend the ongoing class best suited to the student's ability.

This class is only offered for a 4 week period and then students will move to a permanent class.

Beginner Parkour

This is usually the next step after the Introductory class.  

This class will begin the process of teaching Parkour as a life skill. The instructors will teach safe progressive activities and skills. An important part of beginning is the incorporation of strength and conditioning as part of the overall training in Parkour.  

A main objective of this class is to teach Parkour as well-rounded life discipline and not just some flashy tricks.  


Intermediate Parkour

Skills learned in Parkour are progressive. Students participating in Intermediate Parkour will have mastered many basic skills and concepts. Training will continue in more complex leaps and landings, inserting more difficult obstacles in practice, and utilizing a more vigorous conditioning program.

Focus will be on increased proficiency in common Parkour techniques while introducing more advances skills in a controlled environment. Students will build on previous successes moving into more difficult and challenging aspects which will expand abilities and confidence.

The most important lesson learned will be that Parkour is not a destination in itself, but a lifelong expedition in self-improvement.



Overcoming Obstacles



The Tripple Threat