About Sokol

About Sokol

Sokol was founded in 1862 in what is now the Czech Republic. But for over 150 years since this multi-generational fitness, educational, cultural, and social organization was established in the United States, Sokol has spread from coast to coast. We have six Districts across the nation and various Units that fit in by location.

Each location, or Unit, has its own unique schedule of programs, some of which include: artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball, folk dancing, camping, track & field, group calisthenics, bowling, martial arts, general fitness, swimming and more!

Sokol is dedicated to the advancement of its members, participants, and the local community. Offering – regardless of heritage, age, race, or religion – physical fitness instruction, educational and cultural programs, and social activities. Sokols believe that physically fit, mentally alert and well-developed individuals form a healthy and strong society.


Best Sokol Members

“Physical perfection joined with a noble mind, is not just a slogan, it is a way of life.” – Miroslav Tyrs

For more information go to www.american-sokol.org.